Mobile Application

​​Âlâ Banking and Âlâ Card customers also have a unique experience in the Mobile Branch application, they can follow the privileged service and advantage campaigns we offer from the customized “Privileges” menu and create their campaign codes.

Special Mobile Branch Features for Top Banking Customers

​​You can follow the services and advantageous campaigns you can benefit from in the "Privileges" menu under the "Campaigns" tab.

You can create your campaign code in line with the rights determined and offered for these privileges, and you can use the codes you create as QR Code, barcode or direct code depending on the companies.

If device recognition is available, you can view your privileges without logging in.

If there is no device recognition feature, you can access your privileges after logging in.

You can see the rights you have used in the past from the "View My Past Uses" tab, you can list how many uses you have made and their dates.

Privileges are offered individually to each client.

If you use all of your rights, you will receive a warning that you have used all of them when you want to regenerate the code.

You can download our Mobile Branch application from your mobile phone by logging in to​.