​​IN INSTALLMENTS is the process of instalment of your expenditures, you made as a single draw, afterwards in accordance with your request.

​​How is "In Installments" Procedure Applied?

You can then perform your subsequent installment by calling our Customer Contact Center at 0850 393 22 44, which is specific to Âlâ Banking customers, through Türkiye Finans Mobile Branch and Internet Branch or by replying the SMS that is received at the time of expenditure.

What are the Features of "In Installments" Procedure?

  • There is no upper limit for your expenses, which you can pay in installments by making a "IN INSTALLMENTS" transaction.
  • You can only arrange your in-term expenses into installments.
  • By law, "IN INSTALLMENTS" transaction cannot be processed for expenditures in prohibited sectors and for expenditures abroad.
  • With "IN INSTALLMENTS", different number of installments are applied on the basis of sectors and transaction amounts.
  • The number of installments to be applied is 2 at minimum and 12 at maximum.
  • You can make "IN INSTALLMENTS" transaction for all your expenses except food, restaurant, fuel, telecommunications, jewellery, invoice, tax, insurance, premium payments, etc.
  • You can also arrange installments for your expenses, some of which you made using points but paid the remaining amount in one draw. In this case, "IN INSTALLMENTS" procedure is performed after deducting the points you use from the total expenditure amount.
  • Partially cancelled expenses cannot be made by "IN INSTALLMENTS".
  • You can close the installments of a transaction, you have made with "IN INSTALLMENTS", early.
  • Türkiye Finans reserves the right to suspend and to make changes to the "IN INSTALLMENTS" application.
  • Each SMS, sent for the "IN INSTALLMENTS" process is charged as 1 text message on the operators' own tariffs.