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Healthy Eating and Weight Control During Winter Months

Gaining weight in winter is a problem we all face. However, we are not actually completely responsible for this weight gain. It is caused by many scientifically proven factors, including Vitamin D deficiency and temperature regulation, yet it is still our responsibility to prevent disappointment with our body when spring arrives.​​​

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Everything You Need to Know About Mindfulness ​

While we juggle handling chores, catching up with meetings, planning for meals, making summer vacation plans, solving our children’s problems, dealing with disappointments, scheduling doctor’s appointments, shopping for groceries, organizing birthday parties or arranging payments we need to make, our minds get rapidly tangled. However, we need to pay the same amount of attention to our mental health as we do to our physical health, and understand that the body, soul and mind operate as one. .​

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S-Commerce: The Most Social Version of Trading

Social media platforms, which entered our lives not too long ago, in the mid-2000s, take up more and more of our space and time with their various features. It has been quite a while since we first caught up with old friends on Facebook.

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Angel Investors: Paving the Way from a Bright Idea to a Successful Venture

​​​​​​​​​​Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google, Airbnb, Uber... These ventures that are such integral parts of our lives today might have disappeared at the initial stages if it weren’t for angel investors. All great projects begin with a bright idea. These bright ideas need financial support to become lucrative business ideas that have a long-term vision.

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The 10 Greatest Investors of All Time

​​In his book “The Intelligent Investor”, Benjamin Graham posits that “successful investment is about managing risk, not avoiding it”. When it comes to investments, there are numerous investment instruments that have made billions of dollars for people, who may have embraced different investment philosophies, but all share the common skill of managing their risks and making the best of opportunities. ​

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