Detailed Account Summary

​General Information

Account Summary

  • A document that is regularly sent to your address each month, reporting the spending, limits, bonus points, due amounts, and payment information between the most recent cut-off date and the cut-off date before that.
  • Your account summary shows your domestic and overseas spending in Turkish Lira.
  • For the amounts corresponding to overseas transactions, selling exchange rate of the Central Bank of Turkey at the time of the entry to the Bank’s system and a 1.5% exchange rate margin apply, and this amount is debited to the card holder.

Account Cut-Off Date

The date when your bank statement is issued.

Due Date

The latest date when you can pay the debt amount specified in the account summary.

Minimum Amount Due

  • The amount stated on the Account Summary that must be paid by the due date.
  • The BRSA amendment on the Bank Cards and Credit Cards Law effective upon the Official Gazette dated March 28, 2020 and numbered 31082 stipulates that “With opinions submitted by the respective public institutions, the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (Agency) is granted the authority to set the minimum amount due as an amount between 20% and 40% of the debt of the period. The minimum amount due may not be lower than the ratio to be set by the Agency. The Bank may set a minimum amount due provided that it higher than the Agency’s ratio.”

Profit Share Calculation

  • If there is no outstanding balance and you pay the total debt on the account summary by the due date, no profit share shall be charged on your total spending.
  • In case you do not pay the total debt on the account summary by the due date, a profit share is charged on your due balance for a period from the current cut-off date to the next cut-off date.

Annual Card Fee

Âlâ Card usage fee, charged once a year.

Card Replacement Fee

  • The fee charged when a lost, stolen or deformed card is replaced. The fee applies to additional cards as well.
  • The first two replacements in a calendar year are free of charge.​