Profit Share and Payment Details

​​​​Total Amount Due

A grand total of the credit card purchases, cash advance withdrawals, automatic bill payments, and the fees incurred in relation thereto (including the card fee) as well as profit share amounts, and the outstanding balance, if any; all the amounts reported to the Türkiye Finans Credit Cards Center until the cut-off date.

Minimum Amount Due

  • The minimum amount required to be paid by the due date.
  • Minimum amount due varies according to the total limit of your credit cards at the Bank, and the date you started to use credit cards overall.
  • The Bank has the unilateral right to increase and/or decrease this amount provided that it is not less than the amounts established by the relevant regulations.
  • The minimum amount due includes overdraft purchases, total debts, and the outstanding minimum amounts due.
  • Failing to pay the minimum amount due for two consecutive periods results in putting a hold on the credit card.
  • Upon paying the minimum amount due, the remaining debt is credited on the monthly profit share ratio.


  • The amounts in Turkish Lira corresponding to the credit card transactions.
  • For the amounts corresponding to overseas credit card transactions, selling exchange rate of the Central Bank of Turkey at the time of the entry to the Bank’s system and a 1.5% exchange rate margin apply, and this amount is debited to the card holder.
  • Any cost, extra fee, commission, tax, etc. due to your overseas card transactions are also included in this amount.

Remaining Debt/Installment

The remaining amount and number of installments to be paid in your next account summaries.

Customer Number

Your current account number at the Bank, from which the credit card due amounts will be collected if you set an aut​omatic payment order.

Card L​imit

  • Total maximum spending limit assigned to each credit card.
  • If you pay 50% or less of your due amount 3 times within 1 year, a limit increase shall not be allowed via any channel, and the card shall be blocked for the cash advance option until you make a 100% payment.